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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 7:25 am EDT on May 27, 2015

... National hurricane preparedness week is from may 24 to may 30...

Please join the National Weather Service forecast office in Upton
New York in observing National hurricane preparedness week.

Todays topic is inland freshwater flooding.

When it comes to hurricanes... wind speeds do not tell the whole
story. Inland flooding can be a major threat to communities well
inland from the coast as intense rain falls from these huge tropical
air masses. The magnitude of the rainfall is not directly related to
a tropical cyclones intensity. In fact... some of the worst flooding
events have occurred from weaker storms that drift or stall over the

Inland flooding is the second deadliest hazard associated with
tropical cyclones in the United States. Inland flooding associated
with hurricane Floyd in 1999 was responsible for 50 of the 56 deaths
from the storm.

So the next time you hear hurricane... also think inland flooding.

Be prepared this hurricane season... and visit hurricanes.Gov and