Top Ten 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Events; Paris Climate Talks Ramp Up

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, 15:50 GMT le 01 décembre 2015

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season is officially over, and it will go into the books as the most memorable hurricane season to occur during a strong El Niño event. Strong El Niño events typically reduce Atlantic hurricane activity by increasing wind shear over the tropical Atlantic, and this year's El Niño conditions did indeed create unusually high levels of wind shear over the Caribbean, making it difficult for tropical systems to organize and strengthen in tho...

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Updated: 21:23 GMT le 01 décembre 2015

Paris Climate Talks Begin; Five Reasons Why They Are So Important

By: Bob Henson, 15:51 GMT le 30 novembre 2015

A momentous two weeks of United Nations meetings that will shape the future of Earth’s climate have begun. The 21st annual UN Conference on Climate Change (also known as the Conference of Parties, or COP21) will unfold at Le Bourget, France, about six miles northeast of downtown Paris. COP21 is bringing together some 40,000 diplomats, scientists, journalists, and observers, as well as 151 heads of state--the largest such gathering of world leaders in history. A v...

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High Wind Shear Rips Apart Tropical Storm Sandra

By: Jeff Masters, 15:24 GMT le 28 novembre 2015

Something to give thanks for this holiday weekend: Tropical Storm Sandra was shredded apart by 50 knots of wind shear early Saturday morning before the storm could make landfall on the Pacific coast of Mexico, ending the reign of this most unusual late-season storm. Earlier in the week, record-warm ocean waters helped Sandra set the record for the latest major hurricane ever observed in the Western Hemisphere, as the storm maintained at least Category 3 strength fro...


Updated: 17:20 GMT le 29 novembre 2015

Hurricane Sandra Heads for Mexican Coast; Icing, Flooding Hit Southern Plains

By: Bob Henson and Jeff Masters, 16:36 GMT le 27 novembre 2015

After becoming the latest major hurricane on record in the Western Hemisphere, a weakening Hurricane Sandra remained on track Friday for a history-making landfall early Saturday on the coast of Mexico’s Sinaloa state. A Tropical Storm Warning was in effect for Las Islas Marias and for Mexico’s Pacific coast from Altata to San Blas, including the Mazatlan area. Sandra will be a fast-decaying storm by that point, but even in that condition, it should be a record-...

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An Unprecedented Thanksgiving Visitor: a Category 4 Hurricane

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, 16:18 GMT le 26 novembre 2015

Remarkable Hurricane Sandra exploded into a Category 4 storm with 145 mph winds overnight, making it the latest major hurricane ever observed in the Western Hemisphere (November 26.) The previous record was held by an unnamed Atlantic hurricane in 1934 that held on to Category 3 status until 00 UTC November 24. Sandra is also now the latest Category 4 storm ever observed in either the Eastern Pacific (previous record: Hurricane Kenneth on November 22, 2011) or the A...


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