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A lover of Mother Nature, including the weather. If the weather allows it, I'm outside. Being outside always beats being inside in my book!

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1/4 mile from beach
Seal Beach, CA
Elevation: 7 ft
Température: 68.6 ° F
Point de rosée: 65.2 ° F
Humidité: 89%
Vent: 4.4 mph from the SSO
Rafale de vent: 6.9 mph
Updated: 20:33 PDT le 22 août 2014
Bolsa Chica Wetlands
Huntington Beach, CA
Elevation: 3 ft
Température: 68.2 ° F
Point de rosée: 64.8 ° F
Humidité: 89%
Vent: 5.0 mph from the ONO
Rafale de vent: 8.0 mph
Updated: 20:33 PDT le 22 août 2014

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