Spetrm Checks in, I had some Nostalgia

By: Spetrm, 02:53 GMT le 24 octobre 2014

So I went through a few of my old blogs today and ran in to a sort of nostalgia feeling. Reading back in 2006 and 2007 when I would blog about working at an airfield in Jacksonville Florida. That was a load of fun.
am sure many people remember that I was with the Military for seven years doing weather with then. That ended back in 2011 though.

With those days well behind me I more or less write a daily blog at my website westernpacificweathe...

Documenting Super Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda - The Backstory

By: Spetrm, 13:13 GMT le 28 novembre 2013

The following film is a rough cut blow-by-blow account of how myself and colleagues Josh Morgerman and Mark Thomas documented the impact of super typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines between 7th to 9th November 2013.

The storm being dubbed one of the strongest tropical systems to ever be seen on the face of the earth was packing winds over 300kph at landfall and has now resulted in over 5,500 deaths and has caused millions of peop...

Updated: 13:15 GMT le 28 novembre 2013

Japans Second Tornado this week

By: Spetrm, 07:42 GMT le 04 septembre 2013

Natural disasters being recorded across Japan again today, Tropical Storm Toraji made landfall and a new Tornado ripped through Tochigi Yaita just north west of Mondays Tornado that rolled through Saitama Japan.

The Tornado caused roofing to blow off, damaged windows and tossed light items. A primary school was also damaged in the storm. No injuries have been reported at this time.
Given the amount of damage I would put intensity of thi...

Tornado hits the Tokyo Area Japan

By: Spetrm, 07:32 GMT le 03 septembre 2013

I wrote this article yesterday for my website and meant to get around to sharing the information here, but as you can imagine a Tornado in the Tokyo area kept me rather busy all day on Monday. I hope you find the information useful! ...

A tornado caused extensive damage in Saitama just north of Tokyo Monday afternoon around 2PM Japan Time. At least 63 people have been injured and 600 buildings damaged as a result of the storm...

Updated: 07:39 GMT le 03 septembre 2013

Insane Footage, Car almost Crushed in landslide

By: Spetrm, 15:34 GMT le 31 août 2013

This landslide occured after over 1,200mm of rainfall feel in south western Taiwan in just under 72hrs. For you Americans that is over 50 inches!!!

I also made a video on this with licensing from someone who shot the aftermath of the slide.

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