By: wxgeek723, 22:25 GMT le 31 décembre 2010

After a long lull in my blog (one that is likely to resume once this blog's time comes to pass), I decided it was the appropriate time to make a small return just in time for the conclusion of 2010. Looking back, 2010 has been a very epic year for the atmosphere, in just this country alone. At first I began contemplating a Top 10 weather events. Then, I remembered an entry in TWC's old weather blog back from 2006 (when they were still somewhat decent, lol). It inspi...

Pacific Earthquake/Tsunami!!!!!

By: wxgeek723, 22:33 GMT le 26 septembre 2009

FROM NBC:WASHINGTON - A tsunami struck the capital of American Samoa on Tuesday after an offshore earthquake that U.S. government agencies said registered 7.9 magnitude. There were no immediate reports of injuries or structural damage.Fili Sagapolutele, who works at the Samoa News, says water flowed inland about 100 yards before receding, leaving cars stuck in mud.The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, a branch of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratio...

Updated: 20:10 GMT le 29 septembre 2009


By: wxgeek723, 16:01 GMT le 04 septembre 2009

CURRENT WEATHER THREATS (September 8)1. Severe Weather/FloodingToday's Severe Weather Outlook:Today's Chance for Tornadoes:Today's Chance for Hail:Today's Chance for Damaging TSTM Gusts:Today's Storm Reports:Today's Quantative Precipitation Forecast:North American Surface Analysis:As a ridge builds over the region, a coastal low pressure system will dawdle near the Jersey/Delmarva coastline Wednesday into Thursday, with the potential for classic early season coastal...

Updated: 23:07 GMT le 08 septembre 2009


By: wxgeek723, 22:30 GMT le 23 août 2009

1. CURRENT WEATHER THREATS (August 28)A. Severe Weather/FloodingAn air mass is destabalizing from the Western Shore of the Chesapeake in Maryland and Virginia. Mesoscale analysis shows a warm front which has diffused from a low over the NOVA region (Northern Virginia). The air mass, now currently moving over the remote parts of southern New Jersey, was stable earlier, but no longer remains in that condition. The warm front should move over Jersey today, and surface ...

Updated: 18:46 GMT le 28 août 2009

Louisville Floods

By: wxgeek723, 20:22 GMT le 05 août 2009

Severe storms are spread in small clusters all over the nation, but I'd like to take a look at the flooding in northern Kentucky, which has for some reason fascinated me. In a bad way of course.Yestersday, Tuesday, the 4th day of August 2009, the metropolitan area of Louisville, Kentucky endured an uncalled-for thunderstorm and flash flood problem. City officials claim this is some of the worst foods in decades. Other opinions feel that the flood of 1997 was much mo...

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