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By Bobby Magill, Climate Central
January 23, 2015
The Harvard study finds that about 2.7 percent of all natural gas delivered to the city is emitted into the atmosphere.
By Eric Zerkel
January 22, 2015
Citing climate change, scientists move the clock forward two minutes, from 11:55 p.m. to 11:57 p.m, the closest it has come to midnight since 1984.
By Jon Erdman
January 16, 2015
A just-released report confirms 2014 was the globe's warmest on record.
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Changing the Headlines: Riffing on Revkin
By: Dr. Ricky Rood
Published: 26 janvier 2015
No doubt, “warmest ever” headlines obscure what is important about climate change. It takes what is expected and makes it into inconsequential headlines. It is simplistic in many ways to make this persistently premiere news. It plays into maintaining a conversation that is isolating of the subject of climate change. It consumes the energy and resources of scientists in fundamentally nonproductive ways. It helps the denialists frame the conversation. We need to learn to embrace the complexity, simply, rather that trying to communicate the complexity simplistically.
Not Writing About How Hot 2014 Was:
By: Dr. Ricky Rood
Published: 17 janvier 2015
I will be the only climate-change blogger not writing about how hot it was in 2014. Nor will I write about how remarkable this fact might be because there was not an El Niño. I will talk a little bit about what this heat means relative to other hot times.
Big Loopy Road Trip: Energy in America Moves On
By: Dr. Ricky Rood
Published: 12 janvier 2015
There is no doubt that things are changing out there in the countryside. There are small, medium and large solar installations - wind, corn, biodiesel, oil, natural gas and coal (Fracking and coal best at radio advertisements!). I have never seen energy so present and visible. I think that’s a good thing. Good and bad policy and technology seem to be working it out a little bit.
Wunderground's Climate Change Position
Based on the evidence, more than 97% of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening. Climate change is already causing significant impacts to people and ecosystems, and these impacts will grow much more severe in the coming years. We can choose to take economically sensible steps to lessen the damage of climate change, and the cost of inaction is much higher than the cost of action.
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2014: Hottest Year in Recorded Human History

Earth had its warmest year on record in 2014, said NOAA and NASA at a joint press conference today. According to NOAA, global surface temperatures in 2014 were 1.24°F (0.69°C) above the 20th century average, highest among all years in the 1880-2014 record, easily breaking the previous records of 2005 and 2010 by 0.07°F (0.04°C). Using independent measurement techniques but mostly the same set of surface stations, NASA also rated 2014 as the warmest year on record, as did the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).