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When weather observation stations are moved, they typically take on a new name and new identification. This is necessary for ensuring the accuracy and validity of historical records. However, it also can make it difficult to find records for your location, since each city could have multiple stations with different periods of record, in different locations. Record Extremes contains all historical records from the National Climatic Data Center, and are shown on a "station ID" basis. A missing record means that in that station's lifetime, it didn't have the opportunity to record the location's record extreme.

Yesterday's U.S. Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Death Valley, CA KPSP 102 ° F
Palm Springs, CA KPSP 100 ° F
Yuma MCAS, AZ KNYL 98 ° F
Imperial, CA KIPL 98 ° F
El Centro, CA KNJK 98 ° F
Thermal, CA KTRM 98 ° F
Needles, CA EED 97 ° F
Bouse, AZ BONA3 96 ° F
Blythe, CA KBLH 96 ° F
Needles, CA KEED 96 ° F
City Station ID Temp.
Doe Lake, MI KSAW -19 ° F
Atlantis, LA KATP -40 ° F
Gwinn, MI KSAW -9 ° F
Houghton, MI KCMX -7 ° F
Land O' Lakes, WI KLNL -7 ° F
Newberry, MI KERY -5 ° F
Grand Marais Airport, MN KCKC -4 ° F
Eagle River, WI KEGV -2 ° F
Manistique, MI KISQ -1 ° F
Copper Harbor, MI KP59 1 ° F
City Station ID Wind Gust
Glendive, MT KGDV 67 mph
Glen Ullin Rgnl, Glen Ulli, ND KD57 69 mph
Glendive, MT KGDV 67 mph
Lava Mountain, Dubois, WY, WY KAJL 64 mph
Hettinger, ND KHEI 64 mph
Miles City, MT KMLS 61 mph
Elk Mountain, WY KEHY 60 mph
Baker, MT KBHK 59 mph
Pocatello, ID KPIH 58 mph
Casper, WY KCPR 56 mph
City Station ID Precip.
Mullan Pass, ID KMLP 0.79 in
Ketchikan, AK PAKT 1.30 in
Mullan Pass, ID KMLP 0.79 in
Annette Island, AK PANT 0.70 in
Klawock, AK PAKW 0.66 in
Meacham, OR KMEH 0.52 in
Montauk, NY KMTP 0.51 in
Westerly, RI KWST 0.43 in
East Milton, MA KMQE 0.42 in
Nantucket, MA KACK 0.38 in
City Station ID Heat Index
Kahului, HI PHOG 86 ° F
Keahole Point, HI PHKO 86 ° F
Lahaina, HI PHJH 84 ° F
Lanai City, HI PHNY 84 ° F
Hilo, HI PHTO 82 ° F
Molokai, HI PHMK 82 ° F
Lihue, HI PHLI 82 ° F
Kalaeloa, HI PHJR 82 ° F
Barking Sands, HI PHBK 82 ° F
Fort Worth, TX KFTW 81 ° F
  • Verified at 09:39 pm ET on March 28, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Wind Chill
Atqasuk, AK PATQ -34 ° F
Kotzebue, AK PAOT -31 ° F
Kiana, AK PAIK -31 ° F
Tin City, AK PATC -31 ° F
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN -29 ° F
Wainwright, AK PAWI -29 ° F
Barrow, AK PABR -27 ° F
Barter Island, AK PABA -27 ° F
Noatak, AK PAWN -25 ° F
Deadhorse, AK PASC -25 ° F
  • Verified at 09:39 pm ET on March 28, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
Yesterday's World Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Kaolack, Senegal GOOK 109 ° F
Ndjamena, Chad FTTJ 108 ° F
Tambacounda, Senegal GOTT 107 ° F
Khartoum, Sudan HSSS 107 ° F
Makkah, Saudi Arabia OEMK 107 ° F
Chhor, Pakistan 41768 106 ° F
Barmer, India 42435 106 ° F
Abu Simbel, Egypt 62419 106 ° F
Jodhpur, India VIJO 105 ° F
Nawabshah, Pakistan OPNH 105 ° F
  • Verified at 09:39 pm ET on March 28, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Temp.
Dome A, Antarctica 89577 -95 ° F
Concordia, Antarctica 89625 -84 ° F
Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica NZSP -80 ° F
Mid Point, Antarctica 89648 -73 ° F
Kohnen Ep9, Antarctica 89507 -62 ° F
Priestley Glacier, Antarctica 89659 -59 ° F
Saddle, Greenland 04485 -46 ° F
Selagoncy, Russia 24329 -40 ° F
Delinde, Russia 24477 -40 ° F
Dome Plateau Eagle, Antarctica 89578 -39 ° F
  • Verified at 09:39 pm ET on March 28, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
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