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Welcome to Weather Underground's World View! A weekly pictorial review of weather around the globe submitted by the WunderPhoto community. If you'd like to participate, upload your photos!

1. Gros Ventre View

Uploaded by: funhawg mercredi 10 septembre 2014 Kelly, WY

Road to Slide Lake!

2. A Morning Walk

Uploaded by: Doesiedoats mercredi 10 septembre 2014 Williams, OR

Waaaay back on the roadway is a neighbor walking her dog on this brisk, sunny start to a new day..

3. Storm over Mobile

Uploaded by: scomart mardi 9 septembre 2014 San Francisco, CA

A squall over Mobile Bay

4. Sunset and lighting

Uploaded by: blerash mardi 9 septembre 2014 Arenys de Mar , Spain

Sunset and lighting

5. Pink and blue

Uploaded by: SKERT jeudi 11 septembre 2014 Powder Springs, GA

Over the horse pasture in Powder Springs GA

6. symphony of stone and light

Uploaded by: vaggelis jeudi 11 septembre 2014 Mesaria , Greece

7. Hampton Roads Hottie

Uploaded by: GVIslander jeudi 11 septembre 2014 Hampton, VA

Beautiful sunrise this AM over the harbor

8. Sunset

Uploaded by: Leeuwtrots jeudi 11 septembre 2014 Den Helder , Nederland

9. Morning Thundershower on the Way

Uploaded by: phnielsen mardi 9 septembre 2014 Mahomet, IL

Prelude to a wet runner.

10. Lightning with Passing Car

Uploaded by: ELFrederick samedi 13 septembre 2014 Elgin, AZ

Near Elgin, Arizona 9/12/2014


Uploaded by: idzrvit mardi 9 septembre 2014 Baileyville, KS

Oh this sounded nice and loud!lol We had a few close cloud to ground lightning strikes last evening in Nebraska & Kansas. It's difficult to find an area to shoot above the corn. Quite honestly, it's frustrating. Also chased a tornado warned storm(first one of the day) and had a great time. :-)

12. Moon & Yucca Stalk

Uploaded by: calpoppy mardi 9 septembre 2014 Llano, CA

13. Harvest Moon

Uploaded by: Vogelzang mardi 9 septembre 2014 Ironton, MO

Harvest Moon rising over the mountains in the Arcadia Valley.

14. Aurora, Fairbanks AK

Uploaded by: joebloe vendredi 12 septembre 2014 San Francisco, CA

Very bright coronal display at around 1AM.

15. Aurora at 8:47pm

Uploaded by: polymorph vendredi 12 septembre 2014 Milo, ME