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Welcome to Weather Underground's World View! A weekly pictorial review of weather around the globe submitted by the WunderPhoto community. If you'd like to participate, upload your photos!

1. Ice Out Today!

Uploaded by: Kennebunker samedi 12 avril 2014 Kennebunk Beach, ME

The 70F warmth quickly melted the remaining the ice on the ponds. this was a 3:00 today - but by sundown, it was GONE!

2. Lake Champlain Iced Over

Uploaded by: lmicklus samedi 12 avril 2014 Milton, VT

Sandbar Bridge

3. Old cherry blossoms on the hill

Uploaded by: harashin vendredi 11 avril 2014 真庭市 , Japan

4. Banksia detail

Uploaded by: photoandy mercredi 9 avril 2014 San Diego, CA

5. Tulips in the clouds

Uploaded by: zwitserw mardi 8 avril 2014 Lisse , Netherlands

6. Waning Rainbow

Uploaded by: trailhiker44 lundi 14 avril 2014 Kapfenberg , Austria

Formed quickly and was gone in five minutes.

7. Angular

Uploaded by: Feather3 mardi 8 avril 2014 Fort Bragg, CA

With a fogbank at sea, wispy clouds overhead, and a light breeze.....

8. Mammatus amongst US

Uploaded by: Darhawk samedi 12 avril 2014 Parker, CO

A series of Mammatus clouds during start of sunset in Parker, CO

9. Pyrenees

Uploaded by: springsun jeudi 10 avril 2014 Eindhoven , Netherlands

10. Cloud Tsunami

Uploaded by: Choctaw samedi 12 avril 2014 Grayson County, TX

My favorite time of year is autumn, but there is certainly something to be said for spring.

11. Plains nightmare III

Uploaded by: lmwray mercredi 9 avril 2014 Holyoke, CO

12. Indecisiviness

Uploaded by: Madermade lundi 7 avril 2014 San Francisco, CA

Mother Nature couldn't decide whether to send rain or sunshine, but finally decided it would be sun. We did get a couple of sprinkles...I can spit more than it rained! :)

13. Shelf Cloud Passing Over!

Uploaded by: Cptkirk dimanche 13 avril 2014 Lenexa, KS

Taken from my driveway a while ago. I wish I had known it was coming and been in shooting as it approached!

14. sunset

Uploaded by: Accidente mardi 8 avril 2014 Pangodi , Estonia


Uploaded by: Ralfo lundi 7 avril 2014 Yonkers, NY

16. Calm Weather

Uploaded by: Cowgazer jeudi 10 avril 2014 Llithfaen , United Kingdom

17. marin sunset

Uploaded by: vaggelis dimanche 13 avril 2014 ierapetra , Greece

at the Libyan sea

18. Night in the Arctic

Uploaded by: Odd dimanche 13 avril 2014 Bardufoss , Norway