By: GRANDMANAN, 10:28 GMT le 31 juillet 2006

Absolute calm, can see the ducks making wake in the centre of the harbour. Slight overcast,14C temp. Forecast is this for a few days. A very warm weekend for this part of the world with temps steady between 25-30C, and very little breeze to bring the cooler air over the water.

Some arrests, and house searched over the past couple of days. Have no idea in what context, i.e. good or bad, Still a large number of members present on the island, and more showed up yesterday.

The fishing news is still sparce, and the summer season for the wiers is moving along rapidly. The groundfish news is not bright, have not heard of any local being landed at all.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:07 GMT le 30 juillet 2006

Clear, temp 18C, nice breeze from NW @ 15KPH. A great morning to enjoy coffee on the verandah, which we certainly did.

Gendarmes presence felt with roving roadblocks most of yesterday, no other 'obvious' activity. Large police presence for any community in relation to the population. Coverage still ongoing in media.

Emily reported last evening, pretty tired, and very warm in Fredericton. Not interested in returning as many plans yet to fulfill in the next week. The gaterhing well planned and underway with the menu all in order and being constructed prior to arrival. Gilrs will not cook, we will not BBQ, fellowship and BS the order of the weekend.

Lower lawn done, but ground still saturated, not a great job, but will fix itself over next few days if it stays dry.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:32 GMT le 29 juillet 2006

Light fog, can see across the harbour, SW@ 15KPH, 18C. Had some Tstorms overnight, heard some of the rain, the power must have gone off at one point, but on when I turned out.

Lots of Mounted Police on the island yesterday. Eight cars and members on the trip when we come across, and sevral on prevous trips. At least 15 cars and lots of uniforms, some ERT members that I could see. Interesting to learn if it is a show of force or some raids are being planned.

Children in thier various locales on the mainland. If Rob got the same storm we had it would be interesting as the young fellows plan was to sleep in a tent, next to the trailer.



By: GRANDMANAN, 09:03 GMT le 28 juillet 2006

Overcast, calm, 16C. Looks as if will clear up some as the day moves along. Forecasting possibility of Tshowers later on this PM.

Emily started prowling shortly after 5AM, trying to be quiet, but the ulterior motive was to insure that I was awake in plenty of time. We will go and pick up mom soon and start the day to the mainland.

Donna speaking with friends in Manitoba, and they have been combining wheat there since first of the week. Has never occurred this early at anytime. As I recall if you were on the field by Labour Day the farmer was pleased.

MISTRESS still gettting her share, but no further news on the wiers catching more after the first cough the start of the week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 GMT le 27 juillet 2006

Morning fog, looks as if it will burn off shortly, calm, warm @ 16C, long range forecast beginning to change to the positive.

Have fielded calls from former colleagues across the country over the drug house situation. Interestng comments to say the least. The national press and television have carried the story coast to coast. The 'alleged' drug dealer has been charged and removed from the island, to remain off the island until charges resolved. Investigation ongoing.

Emily off on one of her summer adventures tomorrow for the week at the lake. Will retrieve her when the four brothers get together the long weekend for the annual family gathering anticipate approx. twenty or so for the weekend. The patriarch will be there in full Scots regalia, looks great for 88 years.

Rob had a good day tomorrow lined up with back to back birthday parties, however an offer to go the mainland for the weekend camping was a no brainer. Told Donna she would suffer from empty nest syndrom, and a funny smile crossedher face.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 GMT le 26 juillet 2006

Hazy, slight draft from south, temp 15C, calling for showers as the day moves along with fairly warm temps to go with it.

MISTRESS got what we needed yesterday, and looking for another tanker, and two loads to Maine for lobster bait this AM.

Emily getting a little antsy for the weekend to come along to start her week of R&R at the lake. Rob's social calendar full for Friday, two birthday parties, fortunatly for him one ends and the other begins so he can take them both in.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:36 GMT le 25 juillet 2006

Clear, calm, 15C - no sign of fog. Forecasting a wind change and possibility of fog later on in the day.

A friend checked in from Manitoba and wanted to change our weather. There temp 36C with humidex in the low 40'sC. I guess we will keep what has been directed our way.

MISTRESS missed them Sunday too much wind and swell. Just noticed the tanker going by so must have our quota from last night. Also lots of herring in the wiers on the back of the island. It has been awhile showing up, but hopefully they will be around for the weeks to come.

Not many groundfish showing up as yet, the longliners were out yesterday, have not got a report as yet.

The house burning on the weekend has been referred to in the paper "as possibly drug related".



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 GMT le 24 juillet 2006

Fog, can't see across the harbour, calm, 14C temp. Longrange not that encouraging as far as clear weather, alot of partly cloudyc mentioned. The wind forcast fromt he south, a bringer of fog.

Have not heard any anaylsis of the vigilante ride over the weekend, should catch up this AM. The burned remains has generated a lot of curious traffic gawkers.

MISTRESS left yesterday afternoon, but no indication at this time how we made out. Weather could have been iffy quite a breeze most of the afternoon, and seemed to come on a little a dark.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:09 GMT le 23 juillet 2006

Fog, SW @ 10-15KPH, 16Ctemp. Visibility less than 1/4 mile. Forecasting rain during the day, and same for next couple of days.

Rule of Law went south Friday night. A local dealer had warnings to cease and desist his trade. He carried on, his house was torched, vehcile damaged, and he was given a beating. Hard thing when a community feels that strongly that such severe action is felt the only way to get a handle on it. This type of activity totally out of character for this part of the world.

Did get some yard work done yesterday, and that will keep it under control until the weather clears. The front lawn to the shore is still saturated, and will take sevral warm days before can mow.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:15 GMT le 22 juillet 2006

Fog, visibility less than mile, calm, 16C. Appears as if it will burn off as the day progresses.

Beryl amounted to a very few showers, no signifigant wind, and moved off quickly.

Temps pleasant on the island, but the mainland very hot and humid.

Emily off next weekend to brothers for aweek on the lake. She has already put the word out for her peers from last year to be there also. Rob has his week at camp early in August.

MISTRESS goes to work tomorrow night, have not heard of any herring news from the seiners.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 GMT le 21 juillet 2006

Fog, southerly at 10-15KPH, temp 15C. Beryl is in the neighbourhood with thunder rumbles, flashes and showers currently underway. Still no forecast of any amount of wind, mainly a rain event.

Tourist traffic appears to be steady, but the ferry has lots of room whenever it sails on most trips.

Still quiet on the fishing front, listening to some of the guys with nets out, and not a fish in some of the strings. Those that were there had been devoured by sea fleas.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 GMT le 20 juillet 2006

Clear, calm, 15C, bright sunshine. Yesterday very hot for us at 30C for most of the afternoon. That meant humidex for the mainland around 40C, quite pleasant here in comparison.

Donna's folks celebrated 64th anniversary on Tues., her father returned from the St. John River where he had been getting his boat ready for the summer season on the river.

Quiet on the fishing news front, no local groundfish and longliners not having much luck looking for halibut again this week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:30 GMT le 19 juillet 2006

Clear, draft from NW, 18C. Nice to get up and be able to see across the harbour for a change. Giving sunny for the next couple of days.

Last evening many warnings about severe lightning headed directly over the island. The preliminaries started, but never amounted to nothing more than a few rumbles, and a bit of wind. The radar put us in the warning box then the storm moved inland, avoiding the Bay.

Heatwave on the mainland with temps in mid 30's with a humidex into the 40's. Too much of a good thing for me, some relief expected today.

Both kids under this roof overnight for a change.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 GMT le 18 juillet 2006

Fog, calm, 15Ctemp. Visibility less than a mile, calling for overcast as the day progresses. Yesterday quite a contrast in weather, North Head, a mere 7 kilometres, was clear, hot and muggy. Here it was foggy and cool for the whole day.

Will take this weather over what is going on down the coast a little in New York and area. Too damned hot and humid for my liking.

Fishing news quiet, no herring to speak of in the wiers, and MISTRESS not moving until next week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:27 GMT le 17 juillet 2006

Thick fog, dosen't look as if it will be burning off anytime soon. 15Ctemp, calm. Temps forecast to be in the 20C range. Saturday hot for us at 30C for most of the day.

MISTRESS tied up for the week as the skipper and his new bride have gone travelling for the week. Full tides have started to drop back to, anticipate the longliners and netters will give it a shot this week.

Emily has a friend overnight so the wheel keeps turning to insure someone of her friends are beholding to her. Rob has some movies with racing and skateboarding to keep him occupie for awhile.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:16 GMT le 16 juillet 2006

Fog, calm, 16C temp. A downer to get up and see that you can't see, after the great day we enjoyed yesterday. The forecast is to be clear and warm by this PM.

Emily in her own bunk last night, Rob out. They seem to be on the move almost everynight. Could be the reason no commments of being bored have been heard. Rob's sunburn had pretty well cleared up by yesterday and he is good to go.

More 'strangers from 'away' showing up all the time, but overall the tourist traffic is down across the board. The whale watching tours are busy, and the right whales are beginning to make their annual appearance, large numbers about 3 hours south of the island.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:18 GMT le 15 juillet 2006

Have lost another entry in cyber space.

Clear, calm, temp already 23C. A great morning to have morning coffee and tea on the veranday overlooking the harbour. Not much activity this morning.

Rob spent yesterday afternoon at the pool. Looks like a cooked lobster last night. I haven't seen him this AM, to see if he got any rest, he was in alot of discomfort when he turned in.

Emily spending another night out around the neighbourhood. She dosen;t roost too long before she gets around. Now that she has pireced ears she is advising her grandmother where the best places to purchase earings, both locally and on the mainland.

Fishing quiet, have our quota for herring at the plant, and three loads at least gone to Maine for lobster bait. No fresh bait being landed in Maine, have also had inquiries from mink farmers requiring herring for mink feed.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 GMT le 14 juillet 2006

Morning fog in the harbour, will burn off shortly, calm, 16C temp with sun showing through making a picture for the minds eye when looking off the verandah. A great weather weekend forecast onto next week.

Scallop prices took dramatic drop, and still no groundfish being landed. No wiers catching herring, but the herring appear to be moving up this way a little at a time. The MISTRESS has had no problem getting what we want on a daily basis - so far.

Had quite a bit of rain night before last, guage showed 2"'s. The front of the house by the shoreline has the pool back, but should disapate shortly.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 GMT le 13 juillet 2006

Heavy rain, wind 35-40KPH northerly, temp 16C.Rain forecast for today and showers tonight. A good weather weekend in the offing.

Donna had a great couple of days, and now is confident to go again - so be prepared. Emily returned on late boat, the trip was great, but lots of rain and thunderstorms for her campint experiance.

Emily did have a surprise, she got her ears pierced. She has always had an intense aversion to needles, and as a result over the years has gone as far sitting to get the deed done, but would bolt at the last minute.

MISTRESS getting her share of herring, but will be taking the next week off as the skipper is getting married on the weekend.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 GMT le 12 juillet 2006

Balmy 17C already this AM, calm, morning fog has burned off with a little haze remaining over the water. Small Tstorm just after dark last night cleared the air, and just enough rain to was off the new pavement.

MISTRESS has been consistent we had another 40T yesterday in the freezer. Herring the same size, but alot of feed, no good for sardines, but alright to freeze for salmon feed.

Donna returns today, enjoyed herself and has the knowledge that when the mood strikes she can make the trip on her own. This will make life easiar for her, and Joan has told the brothers that she is returning but for a week.

Emily in Nova Scotia, and Rob out overnight so just Shauna and I overnight. Don't know if the house has been to so few at one time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:36 GMT le 11 juillet 2006

Hazy, sun burning through the morning fog, calm, 15C. Forecasting Tstorms for later on in the day.

MISTRESS got her fish, we took a tanker to freeze, and a load went to Maine for lobster bait. Pretty good size, almost stringing herring, very feedy. She went again last night, but haven't been notified of how she made out.

Emily away this morning for a youth rally in Kentville, N.S. A van load going overnight and back on last boat tomorrow. She has been working towards getting there, and is quite a gathering - I am told.

Donna and Joan got so hot with the top down on the VW they had to stop and put it up for some air conditioning. They wouldn't have had that problem here yesterday, fog, wind and cool temps.

Post mortem on wedding is positive on all fronts. The dance went till wee hours, and a few jumping into the fish pond is as rowdy as it got. The unique concept was well received.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:08 GMT le 10 juillet 2006

Hazy, 15C temp.. slight draft from SSW. Possibility of showers getting less on each forecast.

Donna enroute to the mainland, and looking good for them to have a day with the top down. They are going to brother on the border to see how busy the crossing is, they have a couple of things to "look for" in Calais, given the opportunity. They have extended the trip by at least one day already, and they haven't gotten to the mainland.

FUNDY MISTRESS went looking for herring first time this season, don't know the results as yet. Our requirements are down so looking to freeze a few hundred ton in boxes for lobster bait later on in the year.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:01 GMT le 09 juillet 2006

Partly cloudy, calm, 15C, with a forecast of showers this PM, and the next couple of days.

Wedding went very well, and times have changed when the ceremony is concerned. The grooms party arrived via ATV, the minister was lead them on motorcycle, but it refused to co-operate for him. Ceremoney brief, well written,and closed with song"Born to be Wild". Reception immediately after as a picnic theme, BBQ'S a complete hog on spit, lots of mingling - a fun time for all participants.

Donna travelling tomorrow, but weather is suspect for top down weather. That I am sure will not prevent or delay the drive on the mainland.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:14 GMT le 08 juillet 2006

Clear, calm, 18C. Looking like another fog forgetting day as the temp 'near the coast' expected to top out low 20's, inland 30+, and our temp is just right for me.

Wedding this PM, and could not have ordered a better weather day for the event. Anticipate quite a gathering, outdoors with reception to follow immediately, a dance this evening - good planning keep it moving and the people togther.

FUNDY MISTRESS to go looking for herring tomorrow night. Reports of lots of herring, but they are staying deep as a result not many being caught. The wiers have not been doing anything as yet, and time is moving along for that fishery also.

Lots of whales on the Banks, so they will be making thier way up this way as the feed moves into the Bay. No great amount of groundfish as yet those that have looked say no feed for them to go after as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 GMT le 07 juillet 2006

CLEAR, calm, temp 17C. One of those mornings that easily negates a week of fog (almost). Coffee on the verandah and harbour busy with new birds out for a swim, and no predator birds that I could see.

Wedding weather looking good for the whole day and into the next. Forecast for the rest of the week looks like it could be damp once again.

Donna and a buddy off for a couple of days on Monday. Donna doesn't/hasn't driven on the mainland by herself till now. Her friend has just purchased a bug convertible so they want to give that a run, and see how they make out driving 'away'. I am sure they will do alright, but expect once she learns no problem will have to learn how to prepare my own meals.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 GMT le 06 juillet 2006

Scatterd cloud, calm, temp 14C. Forecasting Tshowers later on today, and the next few days are looking good.

A bald eagle landed infront of the house this AM at coffee time. Did not have anything in his talons, but have seen him fishing in the harbour this past few weeks. He has been trying to get some of the duckings now all over the harbour. The parents do great protecting them, and the survivours are now too big for the gulls, eagles and other predators to take.

Lots of skateboarding being done on the new pavement. Lots of room for them, and slowly gathering up young boys to participate.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:34 GMT le 05 juillet 2006

FOG, visibility not very far, calm, temp 14C, what little air movement is from the south, hard to move the fog out from that direction. Forecasting clearing as the day goes along.

The longliners getting a few halibut, have no idea of current price. Will get ahold of few halibut steaks for a treat. A few of the guys are netting, but no idea of how they have done as yet.

Children settling into a 'summer routine', and for the most part are able to entertain themselves with little indication they "there's nothing to do" - the age old summer refrain.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 GMT le 04 juillet 2006

Once again clear, calm, 14C temp. Forecasting a threat of Tshowers later on today rest of the week looking nice also.

Neighbours to the south, in this area at least, will have a good weather day to celebrate. A couple of boatloads from here will be going over to Eastport and Lubec for the day to take in the festivities. At one time the crowd that went over was substantial, but times have changed.

A few fellows longlining yesterday, have not heard any results as yet. The seiners can look around for herring now that the trap gear is on shore. We are getting ready for next Monday, FUNDY MISTRESS, getting painted, mechanical concerns, etc. looked after.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:30 GMT le 03 juillet 2006

CLEAR, warm temp 17C, slight breeze from WSW @ 15KPH. The first morning in a longtime that no fog to be burned off during the morning. Longrange between U.S. and Canadian forecasters in conflict. The U.S. fellow giving good so will go with him, Canadian high risk of showers everyday all week.

Quiet weekend with one or the other of the children farmed out overnight. Emily home, and a good thing she received a bad burn, red head - no hat, and little sunscreen. With the lack of sun she was not ready for the dramatic change or at least that is her story.

Donna getting the upperhand in the gardens, they are beginning to show the effort of a little TLC. Looks as if today will be an attack of the lawnmowers. However the front of the house is still too damp for the riding mower to tackle, and too much for the push so will wait it out.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:04 GMT le 02 juillet 2006

Overcast, calm, 14C temp. Forecasting rain for this afternoon, but clear for the remainder of the week.

A beautiful day yesterday with a bit of wind during the afternoon, but kept the air moving and pleasant temps. The breeze went a long way towards getting the yard dried up. When the front of the house gets dry to the shoreline will be the first time since last fall.

Did not do much for the festivities on CANADA DAY, but did accomplish clearing some of the backlog in the yardwork area. Children took in various aspects with the buddies they were with, and a few fireworks last night.

Niece, Lindsay is being married next Saturday, outdoors. The long range looks good for the occasion, all eyes will be on the weatherman.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:14 GMT le 01 juillet 2006

ATTEMPTING TO CLEAR, sun through the fog, and should burn off as the morning goes along. Temp 15C, calm. Forecast is getting better with possibility of Tstorms later on today.

Weather records kept on one of the islands for Bowden College for the past 64 years reveal that this has been the wettest June over that period. Previous high 6.3"'s this month was 11.5"'s, also looking to break records for rainfall on the mainland.

Looks as if CANADA DAY festivities will have good weather, and lots planned at various locales throughout the day. Fireworks in the offing, weather permitting.

Rob out overnight, and Emily has a buddy her overnight, they have not surfaced as yet.


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