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All Okay in Lewisville Just hail

By: GardenGrrl, 16:13 GMT le 19 Mars 2012

Yes folks, me and my two spouses (lol) are the biggest baddest "Life's Not Fair Monopoly" players in the realm. I have the trophy to prove it :-D

Lifes Not Fair Monopoly is one of the funnest versions I've ever played. The Community Chest and Chance cards often come with a message saying you just got a new baby. Passing GO means you lose $10 for every plastic baby game piece you have. Free Parking has become Welfare and if you land on that you get money for each kid.

Anything pretty much goes in this game. You can "marry" another player and combine properties to build a dynasty. If the player leaves the table they are considered "dead" and you can take all the property and marry someone else. Don't go to the restroom during this game.

We all laughed our behinds off playing this.

Updated: 20:18 GMT le 03 avril 2012


Stop and Smell the Trout Lilys

By: GardenGrrl, 18:23 GMT le 05 Mars 2012

Last week I did something unheard of at work. I took off during the middle of the shift for a nature hike. (Yes someone else was covering in my absence.)

I had seen a news blurb that the Spring Creek Forest Reserve was giving guided walks to see a rare Texas wildflower called the "Trout Lily". It is also known as the "Dog Tooth Violet" and is not so rare in northern parts of the country.

The Spring Creek Nature Reserve is also a rare find in the paved over metro-plex. It is a bottomland hardwood forest that has been virtually untouched by all the building around here.

Called the spouse and asked if we could have a middle of the after noon date....and oh yeah bring all my camera equipment ;-) So we went to the nature walk. Over 50 other people from as far away as Denton showed up to see the trout lilys. The weather was perfect and the woods refreshing.

Took lots of pictures then went back to work to finish shift. What a great day.

Here is what a single lily flower looks like. The Wichita Indians that lived here first used this plant for healing. It is said to have antiseptic properties.

Just for Ylee I'm adding some of these ae WU photos.

Updated: 18:27 GMT le 05 Mars 2012


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