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Spring Bursts Out in NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 03:21 GMT le 23 avril 2012

April 26, 10:25 pm

Spring storms have set in now. The last two days have been rather rainy and cooler. Socked in skies and showers, hard rain at times. But some sunshine, as in this afternoon, which gave way to quite moody skies too. Pretty typical "spring storms" type sky. Last night let loose with a few thunder claps, but nothing too dramatic. Since yesterday we have received .81" rain.

April 24, 9:20 pm

Back to normal. Our nice burst of spring we had over the past few days has passed. Clouds and some misty drizzle at times was back, along with much cooler temperatures. After our 75 of yesterday, the jackets were back out today to deal with our mid 50's. More of a rain is expected by tomorrow.

Re-stocked our birds' pantries this afternoon, and put off a trip to the garden store for flowers. I am hoping to get our flowers potted and planted outside before too long. We have a lot of big events looming on our calendar in the next weeks and months, and I am hoping to get the yard work done soon so I can move on to all the other demands.

April 22, 8:15 PM

The house is quiet this lovely evening - everyone who is here is busy at their own computers, so I will join the crowd and do some updates on this blog. Besides, I have an hour or so to fill while waiting to go pick up my son and some friends at the airport as they return from Los Angeles and a conference. It is too bad they were not here yesterday or today! Wonderful weather has graced the Pacific Northwest.

The sun came out and the temperature rose! Yesterday was quite nice - reaching 76 degrees, and today topped it at 78! The warmest in forever, it seems. People love it, we love it, and life just changes all around when this happens for the first time of the season. Shorts come out, yard work gets done, and windows are flung open. Just nice. Blossoms are on the cherry trees, tulips are blooming, our camelia is in full bloom, the rhodies are in the midst of their staggered starts through spring, and it is certainly spring now!

To keep up with everyone in their enthusiasm, I went out today and did my first yard work of the year. Took on a big project to clean out dead and fallen leaves scrunched under bushes with winter's winds, and pull weeds. It was good to get out and do something like that, but it felt too hot while working! Other neighbors were out and we all said the same thing. Can't win. We wait and wait for some really nice weather, then right away it is too hot. Well, we will get used to it and manage; if this would keep up! Tomorrow should be nice too, but then rain creeps back onto the scene by the middle of the week. That will be good for my daughter's garden that she started a week ago. Phase 1 of the garden anyway. First sprouts of radish are up today and it looks like lettuce and carrots may be starting to poke through too.

Since we are nicely in the middle of spring now, I thought I would add a little spring color to this blog and post an old photo of ours, taken two springs ago, of the wonderful tulip fields of Skagit County, north of us an hour or so.

April 22
Sunrise: 6:05 AM --- Sunset: 8:09 PM (PDT)
(gaining 3 minutes, 12 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 05:23 GMT le 27 avril 2012


Hoping For Improving Spring

By: PugetSoundPost, 17:01 GMT le 04 avril 2012

April 12, 9:45 AM
Beautiful Morning!

A very lovely early spring morning is underway for us. A few clouds in the sky, but mostly it is just a blue sky. Sunshine makes all the difference for us after long months of mostly overcast. Birds are chirping outside and they seem to notice the change as well. I awoke early this morning and just listened to them singing outside for awhile.

Leaves are rapidly bursting forth on the trees. There has been a big change with them even since Easter. It is delightful to have their return so close now!

Yesterday was a throw-back to earlier weeks: high of 56 and murky overcast with .30" rain. Rainy days will be back, but they will be "Rainy Spring Days". Winter is gone and we are just looking forward now.

But, with all of this said, there is a chance of showers today. No sign of them right now, but I do see radar showing some possible light showers creeping north up through western Washington.

Soon I am off to take my mom to lunch and this sunshine will give her a big lift I am sure.

April 9
Wonderful Easter and Spring Days

It is too late to write much tonight, but I have to note the wonderful weather we have had over the weekend and into today! A high of 74 here was reached on Easter Sunday, and another 73 today! Everyone has loved it! So nice to feel the warm sunshine. Officially it was the first time we have reached at least 70 since late last September! Whew!

April 8, 1:20 PM

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!

Happy Easter to All!!!

A lovely day today - currently 68 degrees under
high, thin, overcast and no wind!

April 5, 10:15 PM

Today ended up pretty stereotypical for spring. A lot of clouds, some afternoon sunshine with clouds not far off, now-and-then showers, and not too warm. The high for us was 56, low of 38, and .25" rain today. But when the sun was out, it surely did appear to be "spring".

April 4

I just flipped the fireplace on to take the chill off the house, on another gray, damp, and chilled morning. It is 42 outside at nearly 9:30 AM and although not raining, there is that damp feel. This is spring.

A few nicer days have shown up, almost by surprise, but so far they are few, then quickly followed by a lot more gloomy days before the next surprise comes. We have topped 60 once this week - clear up to 66 here on a sunny, but a-bit-too-breezy day - on Monday of this week. A welcome and nice day. Two of my kids managed to dig up a good portion of our garden space that day. My daughter said it was perfect digging. I expected it to be too soggy. So a few pleasant surprises now and then. And another fun surprise came last evening. Driving home from the mall early in the evening, we had a just wonderful play between the clouds, sunshine, light and rain - all at the same time. Not an often occurance, but surely was delightful driving along under mostly heavy clouds, but enough breaks to let the very low setting sun shine underneath the clouds through the falling rain and illuminate everything in quite weird shades of golden light, finally accentuated by a pretty rainbow. If only I had my camera along with me....

The weekend ahead is showing some promise so far - especially Easter Sunday. Warmer and maybe sunnier! But, we aren't really pulling out of these doldrums even if that happens. Showers, even some chances of thunderstorms, clouds, and cool remain the general theme of the next week. But, truth be told, this IS spring around here. I often think that when people say "where's spring?", what they really mean to say is that they want Summer. Two different kettle of fish in the Pacific Northwest.

I just took a look at my stats for February, and by surprise, many of those stat numbers I list are within one degree of each other, as well as winds, etc. March was wetter. Otherwise, February and March were nearly identical months, statistically speaking. A quite slow progression out of winter.

April 4
Sunrise: 6:40 AM --- Sunset: 7:43 PM
(gaining 3 minutes, 24 seconds tomorrow)


Average High: 52
Average Low: 36
Highest Temperature: 62 (3/24)
Lowest Temperature: 27 (3/7)
Coldest High Temperature: 44 (3/12, 14, 18)
Highest Wind Gust: 31 mph (3/20)
Wettest Day: March 29 (.97" rain)
Days of measurable precipitation: 23

Total Rain for March: 5.90"
Total Snow for March: 1/2" plus multiple days of trace/flurries

Note: Officially for Seattle records, this March was the third wettest on record. The official gauge measured 1-2 inches more rain than we did at home. And BriarCraft's rain report from SW Washington was much higher than ours, so while it seemed pretty rainy for us, we were on the mild side, apparently. Not too surprising. We are often rain-shadowed by the Olympic Mountains. A newspaper article recently highlighted how so much of the country was experiencing a March heat wave. Not so here. In fact, March was the month that ran the most below normal in temperature for us since last May. As I have said before, the heat/cold seem to balance out across the country. Hot one place, going to be cold in another.

Updated: 16:45 GMT le 12 avril 2012


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