2012: 2nd Warmest Year on Record

By: SteveDa1, 19:15 GMT le 04 janvier 2013

8.5 C Annual Average for 2012 in Montreal, Quebec
As was expected, 2012 ended up being the second warmest year on record for the metropolitan area in which I live in: Montreal, Quebec. Astonishingly, 9 of the 11 warmest years since record-keeping began in 1942 have all followed 1997. In fact, the average annual temperature has risen by almost 2 C (3.6 F) since the 1970's, up from a five-year average of 5.72 C in 1975 to a present-day five-year average of 7.68 C...

Updated: 15:11 GMT le 28 janvier 2013

The new winters

By: SteveDa1, 15:10 GMT le 12 mai 2012

F = 1.8C + 32Winter's cold shots are less extreme todayIt doesn't just seem like winters are not as cold as they used to - it's a fact. The coldest three months of the year - December, January and February - are not only getting warmer overall, they are also experiencing weaker (not necessarily shorter) cold snaps. I'm aware that I'm only looking at one particular area but I'm certain that if I broadened my field of view I'd obtain similar results. If it's happening...

Updated: 14:15 GMT le 14 mai 2012

April 2012 Summary

By: SteveDa1, 15:13 GMT le 06 mai 2012

F = 1.8C + 32Above normal is the new normal?Yet another above normal month has gone by - unbelievably the 30th such month in a row, dating back to October 2009. Since the turn of the century, the enormous amount of months above the 1971-2000 averages seems to indicate that new normals are a given when the new 1981-2010 base period is published. In fact, I am 100% confident that the new 1981-2010 averages will be higher for every month. Indeed, the next project I wil...

Updated: 03:51 GMT le 16 mai 2012

Amazing March Warmth

By: SteveDa1, 14:50 GMT le 02 avril 2012

F = 1.8C + 32

The March 2012 heat wave is perhaps the most remarkable event to have affected me directly since the extreme ice storm of January 1998. Of course, let's not forget the historic floods of the Richelieu valley in May of 2010 but as I've said the latter hasn't struct me directly. The heat wave was indescribable. For an incredible five days in a row the temperature exceeded 20C when the average high should have been between 2-5C. Wha...

Updated: 01:49 GMT le 06 janvier 2013

Summer heat and late autumn warmth

By: SteveDa1, 11:45 GMT le 06 décembre 2011

Good day to everyone!It has been quite some time since I blogged but I must say I haven't stopped visiting this website. Quite the contrary, I come here almost every day. I have been waiting for a good subject worthy of a blog and this November's warmth for my area is certainly unheard of in the short 70 years of temperature record keeping for Montreal, Quebec.Let's take a look at almost the only highlight of the last several months (the weather has been very bland ...

Updated: 14:35 GMT le 06 décembre 2011

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