Baja Fires

By: bajadock, 15:51 GMT le 14 mai 2014

Photo of 12 May fire on north side of Ensenada, Baja California, from my home across the bay. Fires are all over northern Baja region this week. Cooler weather will arrive this weekend.

More photos and updates

Baja Fire Season Begins

By: bajadock, 15:53 GMT le 30 avril 2014

Several fire in northern Baja Tuesday.

More info and Ensenada fire details

Ensenada Water Crisis

By: bajadock, 15:56 GMT le 29 avril 2014

Ensenada Water Crisis Video Link

Video on current Ensenada, Baja California water crisis.

Updated: 15:47 GMT le 30 avril 2014

Baja Bloody Mooney

By: bajadock, 16:53 GMT le 15 avril 2014

Baja Bloody Mooney post with recipe

Last night’s blood red moon eclipse was oohed and aahed by many spacestronimers in SoCal and Baja. 2AM? I can only come up with 2 or 3 things I’m up for at that hour.

Given, the moon is one of those romantic things and a full moon glowing in red is a novelty. C’mon you colorblind, fashion-challenged straight guys: What color describes last night’s moon? ANYTHING, but red!


Food & Beverage

Updated: 23:19 GMT le 15 avril 2014

Carnavalgeddon Storm

By: bajadock, 20:36 GMT le 27 février 2014

The Baja California/SoCal storm predicted for this weekend will be remembered as “Carnavalgeddon”. Ensenada Carnaval celebrations are this week, with the biggest fiestas planned for the weekend. Here are Bajadock’s top 10 storm warnings for this weekend:

1. It’s going to be rough going for the scantily clad dancers, queens and paper mache “floats” of Carnavalgeddon in Ensenada. Some of Carnaval’s parade routes will be better ...

Updated: 17:55 GMT le 28 février 2014

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