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A scientific look at global change.
Climate Change Evidence At A Glance
Global Surface Temperature
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Atmospheric CO2
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thousands of years ago
Sea Level
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Arctic Sea Ice (September)
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Climate Change News
By Bobby Magill, Climate Central
December 8, 2015
Renewable energy and improvements in energy efficiency across the globe may have paid off in a big way this year.
By Eric Chaney
December 4, 2015
A Peruvian farmer is suing a German energy company over an impending disaster in the Andes Mountains.
By Eric Zerkel
November 30, 2015
Five important things to know about the climate talks in Paris.
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Wunderground's Climate Change Position
Based on the evidence, more than 97% of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening. Climate change is already causing significant impacts to people and ecosystems, and these impacts will grow much more severe in the coming years. We can choose to take economically sensible steps to lessen the damage of climate change, and the cost of inaction is much higher than the cost of action.
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